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Nov 28: Organising for socialism in the 21st century - Marta Harnecker (Trans. Frederico Fuentes, compiled by Links)
Nov 28: Neoliberalism and the dynamic of capitalist development in Latin America - James Petras (pdf)
Nov 28: Hugo Chavez's call for 5th International - François Sabado (IV)
Nov 28: Free and fair? Sunday's Honduras elections take place under a cloud of intimidation, illegal detemntion and even assassination - Tamar Sharabi (Narco news)
Nov 28: The View from Ontario - 137 days into a mine strike - Labor Notes
Nov 28: Chavez calls for international solidarity - Frederico Fuentes (Links)
Nov 24: The future of revolutionary work in our times - Left Unity Commission of Solidarity (US)
Nov 24: Tariq Ali - The idea of Communism (interview) - Aaron Leonard, (History News Network)
Nov 21:Photo essay - Guatemala between the rock and the storm - photo essay ( via Upside Down World)
Nov 21: A new united movement stops Mexico for a day - Tamara Pearson (Upside Down World)
Nov 21: PUSV elects delegates, debates future direction of party - Kiraz Janicke (
Nov 21: Venezuelan leftist parties discuss co-operation, opposition plans electoral intervention - James Sugget (
Nov 9: Fidel opens up - Rory Carroll (Guardian UK)
Nov 9: Climate conference:looming debacle in Copehagen - Phil Ward (Socialist Resistance)
Nov 9: We cannot fight climate change with consumerism - George Monbiot (Znet)
Nov 6: Karzai: America is playing its familiar role of propping up a dictator - Robert Fisk (independent UK)
Nov 4: Video - The Dollar - dive or survive, Leo Panitch, The Real News Network
Nov 4: The Imperial Mandate Arrives in Honduras - Antilio A. Boron (Machetera)
Nov 2: Video - Mexican electricity workers march and meeting against the occupation of their plants by the army and mass sackings - watch it to the end!
Nov 1: Mexican electrical union fights for its life - Dan La Botz (New Socialist)
Nov 1: International Tribunal on trade union freedoms condemns Mexican presidency - James Cockcroft (Znet)
Tariq Ali at the Stop the War Coalition demo
Oct 26: Video - autoworkers challenge the logic of capitalism - Sam Gindin

L/Cpl Joe Glenton (right) led the march

Mexican electricity workers rally against government offensive
Oct 10: Why we need rebels - Mike Davis on the California crisis and the need to build cadre groups
Sept 29: Obama stuck between wars on Iraq and Afghanistan - Nicola Nasser (Znet)
Sept 29: US bases centre of new Latin America struggle - Frederico Fuentes (Green Left Weekly via Venezuelanalysis)
Bob Crow
Sept 12: Big Pharma - Pfitzer handed biggest criminal fine of all time - Joseph Grosso (Znet)
Sept 6: Melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters - Robin McKie, (Observer UK)
Sept 5: Podcast - Pensions and the Economic Crisis - Sam Gindin (
Aug 23: Video: Andrew Collier interviews Tariq Ali part 1 (Sunday Times)
Aug 23: Did Lithuania house the CIA's third Euiropean torture prison? - Britta Sandberg (de Spiegal)

Socialist Resistance
Palestine day school
with Gilbert Achcar and Joel Kovel - Jan 15 2010

Friends House, Euston Rd, NW1
10.30-5pm. Leaflet here

David Harvey: The Crisis
Today: Marxism 2009
Slavoj Žižek - What does it mean to be a revolutionary today? Marxism 2009
Tariq Ali - Obama, Pakistan and the US Empire
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