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March 17: Israeli troops battle children in East Jerusalem (Electronic Intifada)
March 17: Fourth International World Congress on the role and tasks of the movement (IVP)
March 17: Sarkozy rejected in regional elections - statement by the executive committee of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (via Links)
March 17: Remember Rachel Corrie - Billy Wharton (Links)
March 5: Tekel workers stage Turkey's largest protest in 30 years - Emel Baştürk Akca (The WIP)
March 5: Lance Corporal Joe Glenton jailed for nine months - Peter Walker (STWC via Guardian UK)
Feb 15: Gary Olson reviews Jeremy Rifkind's The Empathic Civilization and P.W. Singer’s Wired for War (Znet)
the hurt loocker
John Bellamy Foster - The Crisis of Capital: Economy, Ecology and Empire from pdxjustice Media Productions on Vimeo.
Feb 11: Greek resistance movement grows - Helena Smith (Guardian UK)
Greek construction workers march on day of strikes against
austerity budget
 Dec 17: And in Copenhagen....
Dec 17: Police assault on Olivier Besancenot. New Anti-Capitalist party spokesperson Olivier Besancenot was manhandled and briefly arrested during a union protest at the French National Assembly against the 'reform' of the French post office. Besancenot was later treated for several fractures to one of his fingers.
"Our leaders are aren't giving us Hopenhagen – they're giving us Cokenhagen, a sugary feelgood hit filled with sickly additives and no nutrition. Their behaviour here – where the bare minimum described as safe by scientists isn't even being considered – indicates they are more scared of the corporate lobbyists that fund their campaigns, or the denialist streak in their own country, than of rising seas and falling civilisations. " - Johann Hari (see article below)
Dec 12: Casualty of the Drone War - Max Kantar (Znet)

David Harvey: The Crisis
Today: Marxism 2009

 Slavoj Žižek - What does it mean to be a revolutionary today? Marxism 2009
Tariq Ali - Obama, Pakistan and the US Empire
Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres
International Viewpoint
Socialist Resistance  
socialist resistance
Links, magazine of Socialist Renewal
Climate and Capitalism
Verso Blog
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