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9 December: Student fees protests taking place across the UK - BBC news
9 December: Anti-regime student demos across Iran
9 December: Suzanne Moore - why aren't we all supporting the students? (Guardian UK)
9 December: Dangers of expanding non-state enterprises in Cuba - Camila Piñeiro Harnecker (Links)
9 December: Capitalism and the assault on reason - Slavoj Zizek
9 December: More student demos against fees hike in London
9 December: When they say there's no money to pay for educatiuon and welfare, they're lying - Tariq Ali at the SOAS occupation
Nov 27: We are not a post-ideological generation says 15-year-old at Coalition of Resistance conference
11 November: Prof Michael Hudson interview - The US has declared financial war against the world - RT video
11 Nov: Students protesters invade Tory HQ: Russia TV
26 Oct: French students hold fresh protests
26 Oct: French crisis continues as unions warn of more strikes (
26 Oct: China's open secret - Slavoj Žižek (LRB)
26 Oct: John Gray - Farewell Welfare state (LRB)
26 Oct: US approved death squads - Patrick Cockburn
25 Oct: France: an unprecedented movement thast is far from over - Sandra Damarq (IVP)
24 Oct: Seumas Milne - The Bullingdon Boys want to finish what Thatcher began
24 Oct: Sarkozy's approval rating at new low as French strikes drag on
24 Oct: French protests - a rejection of Sarkozy's policies to blame
24 Oct: Up to a mkillion marched, 16 October, for workers rights in Italy (Morning Star)
Oct 17: French protests jeopardise airport fuel suplies (Guardian UK)
Oct 17: Chile's ghosts are not being rescued - John Pilger (New Statesman)
Oct 17: Portugal braces itself for first general strike in 22 years
Oct 17: Portugal union vows to step up struggle against "international loan sharks"
Oct 17: France set for 230 protest rallies Saturday as mobilisations for next Tuesday's strike continue (AFP)
Oct 17: France: airport fuel running short as new protests planned (BBC video and report)
Oct 17: France, towards a general strike - Sandra Damarcq, New Anti-Capitalist Party (IVP)
Oct 17: AFP video on Wednesday's strike action in France here
Oct 17: Below, how tens of thousands of high school student joined French protests
Oct 17: Second Congress of the Philippines Revolutionary Workers Party - Pierre Rousset (IVP)
Oct 17: Palestine - BDS movement recalls anti-apartheid tactics, controversies, responsibilities - Patrick Bond (Links)
Oct 17: South African unions divided on response to government pay offer
Oct 17: Climate v. Capitalism - Jerry Mander (Guardian UK)
Oct 2 Ed Miliband has to crack the whip to ensure change - Seumas Milne (Guardian UK)
Oct 2: A new opportunity for Venezuela's socialists: Gregory Wilpert (Links via Venezuelanalysis)
Oct 2: Ecuador coup attempt defeated (Democracy Now)
Thousands hit Brussels in anti-austerity protest
29 Sept: Anti-austerity protests hit Europe - Al Jazeera
29 Sept: European cities hit by austerity demonstrations (BBC)
29 Sept: General strike in Spain against austerity cuts

RMT and other British unions joined the Brussels protest
29 Sept: Anti-cuts protests across Europe today
29 Sept: Tens of thousands protest in Brussels over EU austerity rules
28 Sept: Coalition of Resistance Organising Conference
28 Sept: Ed Miliband, Labour and the battles ahead (Counterfire)
28 Sept: Uprise anti-racism festival, Finsbury Park London, 3/10/10
28 Sept: Continent of Fear - the rise of Europe's right-wing populists (Der Spiegal)
28 Sept: Momentum builds behind Chinese workers' protests
28 Sept: Twin Cities activists protest raids on anti-war activists
28 Sept: Venezuelan Elections: Socialists Advance, Opposition Loses Ground Compared to 2000 Elections
Sept 19: Thousands demonstrate against Pope in London
Sept 9: Fidel to Amajinahdad "Stop slandering the Jews." - Jefferey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Sept 9: Fidel Castro "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us nany more" - Jefferey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Sept 7: Fronzenology - Siberia is melting: Tony Wood (LRB)
Sept 7: Tube strike solid (Counterfire)
Sept 7: London brought to standstill by tube strike against job cuts (video)
Sept 7: Millions protests in Franch general strike against pension 'reform'
Sept 7: " A stain on the reputation of the Tate Britain" - Blair calls off book signing but hosts soiree accross the Thames
Sept 7: Michael Warschawski - Where Uri Avinery gets it wrong on the BDS campaign (MRzine)
Sept 6: Persecution of Roma Worsens, Tony Iltis (GLW)
Sept 6: Ending the Potosi strikes
Sept 6: The rebellion in Potosi, Bolivia - Jefferey R. Webber (Upside Down World)
Sept 6: The deficit - their problem not ours - David Camfield and Daniel Serge (pdf)
Sept 5: Trotsky - past, present and future - an interview with Tariq Ali
Sept 5: South Africa public sector strikes set to continue
Sept 5: Important steps towards left realignment in India - Dipankar Bhattacharya, CPI (ML) Liberation general secretary, Links
Sept 5: What next for ecosocialists? -Ian Angus (Climate and Capitalism)
Sept 5: Disgrace - Pakistan cricket and its dicontents - Mike Marquesee
Sept 5: Defend antifascists arrested in Bolton (counterfire)
Sept 5: Interview With Kate O'Sullivan after making Citizen's Arrest on Tony Blair (Ireland)
Sept 5: Blair book signing in Dublin
Aug 15: Donate to the Pakistan Labour Relief Fund
Aug 15: Pakistan mustr refuse foreign debt repayment and use the money for emergency aid and rebuilding - Farooq Tariq, LPP
Aug 15: Pakistan floods - it's over 20 million now: Farooq Tariq, Labour Party Pakistan (IVP)
Aug 15: Farooq Tariq on Islamic fundamentalism
Aug 15: Not crushed, merely ignored - Tariq Ali on death in Kashmir (LRB)
Aug 10: Global crisis and anti-capitalist revolution - Neil Faulkner, Counterfire
Aug 9: John Pilger: The heresy of the Greeks offers hope
Aug 9: Coalition of Resistance conference details
Aug 9: New link: Coalition of Resistance
Aug 9: Kashmir in turmoil: Akhila Rahman (Znet)
Aug 8: George Monbiot - The Tea Party, the biggest exercise in false consciousness in history
Aug 8: Charles-Andre Udry - A new social war is opening up in Europe (International Viewpoint)
Aug 8: Unions line up to back anti-fascist counterblast to EDL in Bradford: Unite Against Fascism
Aug 8: New campaign of resistance to cuts deluged with support: Brendan Montague (Counterfire)
Aug 7: Don't get caught in a bad hotel - Pride at Work campaigners infiltrate the Westin Street Francis hotel in San Francisco in support of hotel workers' boycott. You can see their musical inspiration here
Aug 7: Seumas Milne - The US isn't leaving Iraq, it's just rebranding the occupation
Aug 7: Capitalist Crisis, Radical Renewal? - interview with Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin and Greg Albo - The Bullet, Socialist Project
Aug 7: Panama - General Strike against Killings (Upside Down World via GLW)
Aug 7: Colombia and Venezuela rattle their sabers - Uribe's parting shot: Jefferey R Weber, The Bullet
Aug 7: The time to organise resistance is now - Tony Benn and 73 others
Aug 7: These strikes are good for China and good for the world: Seumas Milne
Aug 7: Disregarded by striking workers, China's unions rethink their role
Aug 7: Strategy and Tactics - How the Left can Change Society: John Rees (counterfire)
Aug 7: Sebastian Budgen on Daniel Bensaid (International Socialism)
Click on image to download the latest issue of The Reader from Cold Type. Featured is text and photo essay Welcome to Toronto - a tale of a billion dollars, 20,000 police and 400 anarchists. More details on Canada's paramilitary repression can be found in the article by the Socialist Project here.
Aug 7: Mass grave of 2000 death squad victims found in Colombia:TOM Mellen and Antonio Albinana, CIPS Americas Program via ESSF
Aug 7: South of the Border: interview with Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali (via Links)
Aug 7: Defend and deepen the Bolivarian revolution with an armed and mobilised people - Marea Socialista (Links)

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