Climate Change, Environment and Ecosocialism

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Climate and Capitalism
Ecology and Society
ESSF (Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres)
Campaign against climate change

George Monbiot

Ecosocialism or Barbarism - Socialist Resistance Book
Socialist Register 2006 - coming to terms with nature
Marx's Ecology - John Bellamy Foster
Focus on the Global South
Committe for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM)
International Union of Food and AgriculturalWorkers (IUF)
Corporate Watch
Hidden Agendas: John Pilger - ITV site
World Rainforest Movement

 No Logo - The Naomi Klein site


Focus on Trade special issue on Bali Climate Change Conference (via Europe Solidaire san Frontieres)
Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supply Are Causing Bizarre Mutations to Wildlife

Corporate greed drives Murray-Darling crisis

Clashes over world water policy at Mexico City conference
When the rivers run dry - interview with Fred Pearce
A terrifying truth - David Lindorff
NEW> Daniel Tanuro - Marx's concept of social metabolism and ecosocialist responses to climate change
Bangladesh sinking - Mahfuz Sadiq
Feb 26 2007: The Limits of Eco-Localism - Gregory Albo
Feb 25 2005: Resource Wars, William K Tabb
Feb 14: Australian water crisis - how the market economy is sucking the country dry (Tony Iltis-GLW)
Feb 14 2007: Change the system, not the climate - Norm Dixon, GLW
Ecosocialist manifesto - Michael Lowy and Joel Kovel
How the Free Market Killed New Orleans
25 Questions about the Murder of New Orleans
Michael Lowy - Ecology and Socialism
No to Carbon Trading - Make the Polluters Pay! - Tim Syewart and Pip Hinman (GLW)
Capitalism's environmental crisis - is technology the answer? - John Bellamy Foster
Global Ecology and the Common Good - John Bellamy Foster
A Planetary Defeat - the failure of global environmental reform - John Bellamy Foster
Capitalism leading to total diasater - Dave Holmes (GLW)
Stern report avoids rocking the foundations (GLW)
Global Warming - early warning signs
Class Struggle and Envvironmental Activism - Kunal Chattopadhyay
Oil Majors: Raking in Profits at the World's Expense
Star Site! The Meatrix - short animated movies
Kyoto: Climate of Fear - Daniel Tanuro
Hurricane havoc: Is global warming to blame? - Norm Dixon
What's Wrong with Supermarkets? - Corporate Watch UK

Biotech and the Agri-Food System: George Liodakis

Food, poverty and ecology: Cuba & Venezuela lead the way

Disaster capitalism
Change the System, Not the Climate (GLW)
Agribusiness and the Environment
Michel Chossudovsky: Global Poverty
The Growing Red/Green paradigm
Pentagon's weather nightmare
Are you paying to burn the rainforest?
Bolivia's water wars
Kyoto's (not so) clean development mechanism (GLW)
Ecology and 'Value Free' Marxism - Louis Proyect
How New Orleans disaster was predicted
Global Warming Links
Global warming threatens Pacific islands
Global warming at the extremes of the earth
The permafrost is melting - Common Dreams
Ice under Fire: Glacier melt and global warming
Green justice -the fridge, the greenhouse and the carbon sink
Climate warning as Siberia melts
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC
United Nations Environment Programme
Climate change, Friends of the Earth
Climate, Greenpeace International
World weather, UK Met Office
Worldwatch Institute
Global Warming, US Environmental Protection Agency
UK Meteorological Office
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